Creative weirdo.

Happiest when traveling to faraway lands, meeting unusual people, rotting my brain with comic books, or obsessing about any number of dumb projects that only I will care about.

Life Projects - Owner of Isotope the Comic Book Lounge in San Francisco. Currently working on INTO THE WORMHOLE (a trash zine of comics, old video games, and other obscure culture for dorks) and building a minature tiki bar for my cats.

Music Projects - Musical half of LEATHER NOT PLEATHER, the sleazy 90's-style industrial band with Portland crustpunk / grindcore vocalist August Alston (Apraxic, Pleasure Cross, VX Gas Attack). In Process: Reverse-engineering the LNP catalog for stage with August and guitar player Ryan Ward. Synth player for esoteric space rock instrumental duo SPACE MONSTERS with Almhult, Sweden based drummer Joshua Krause. Audio instrumentalist for DEADTECH with with VJ Convex (Chuck Nicklow), fresh new New Beat tunes and video toaster hallucinogenics, hand crafted in the traditional manner, for your 1988-1989 Belgian nightclub. Synth player from currently-hibernating cosmic space rock boy band supergroup SPACE STATION, Future Science Labartories' 1991-1998 alien recording artists with Alex Station and Josh Station. And still on perpetual multiversal tour with AstroBabe - taking the long road on over to Asteroid Z to rock out with Z'ma.

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