Slip Stevens - Cosmic pulp action hero from outer space, an engine of chaos, carefree space adventurer, galactic and guardian of the opulently hedonistic space casino planet of Las Valium.
With his XZ-38 Disintegrator Pistol and '65 Ford AstroCoupe, luscious space princess AstroBabe.
When not battling the fearsome forces of arch-nemesii with silly names like and The Fearsome Aug... or crashing yet another lavish interstellar cocktail party I probably wasn't invited to... I can be found playing synthesizer in the mildly-talented space rock band, LUST IN SPACE, with interstellar dreamboat Z'ma, cosmic bombshell AstroBabe, android sex bunny E-Bot, and silver-tongued charmer Martin the Savage.

If you see us quietly slipping out the back airlock in a hurry, don't worry, just doing a little dodging of the camerabots and robo-paparazzo crews of (the mostly fabricated) space "reality" serial scandal vidshow SLIP STEVENS AND THE GALACTIC RANGERS. Those pesky tabloids! |  Home The Web MySpace     Help |  SignUp 
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Last Login: 11/08/2021
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